Deposit for each Tx?

I have a few questions about the upcoming Sept. 20th Bisq Day.

I want to create 5 “buy offers” at once. Do I need to have the .01 deposit in my bisq wallet for each Tx?

Should I do that the day of for your testing the network purposes or should I try to move that into Bisq prior to be ready for transacting the day of, in case there is a lot of traffic?


First, thanks for your intentions !

imo there is no need to wait exactly the 20 th to begin.
(and if some offers are taken before the 20th, that doesn’t prevent making another one after that. There are no such quotas on Bisq).
However, if I were you I would make each offer one by one.
Ensuring an offer is ok before launching the next.

Re-thanks for participating.

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