Deposit for myself

Is there an option to specify deposit to myself if I sell, not only for a buyer? I see no such thing. It’s a must for coming F2F trading, as seller has no incentive to release the funds with 5% deposit. It’s too little! Personally it happend to me after I received funds (I forgot to confirm) and was cool about it cuz price relation was good enough! More over making sell offer locking myself 100% for my own trade (so in total it’s 2x) I also show how commited I am to do not scamm. Lack of this option is a serious problem when comes to F2F!

I believe that the idea was that since seller already locks his BTC trade amount, he already has a deposit of more than 100% in a way. Security deposit was mostly to account for volatility of BTC price and to give the seller an incentive to confirm the payment instead of wasting everyone’s time with arbitration.

Maybe it will be added in future however.

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It’s a must! Only this approach guarantees meaningful loss on both sides if somethng goes wrong beacause of malicious actor on one side.