Deposit lost, Software crashed, Failed trade


I wanted to start a trade and already deposited the Deposit of 0.01BTC and was just waiting for the trade to be accepted by the system (spinning wheel at the bottom).

But my Bisq crashed during that process and now that Trade shows up in failed trades, but the deposit of 0.01BTC that I payed for that is still stuck in that trade.

How can I get my deposit back and restart the trade?


Hello ,
Please open a support ticket manually by selecting the concerned trade
and hit “alt+o” or “option+o” (depends on your OS).
An arbitrator will then take care.
(You can have a look at the “support” tab to have this reminded.)

What arbitrator, there are no arbitrators with failed Trades. I can only contact abitrators and use “alt+o” in a running trade.

If you can’t reopen a ticket I suggest you follow the BTC funds with a block explorer (and Tor browser for privacy) until you find where they are now.

If they are still in a multisig (addresses starting with 3) then we need to contact the arbitrator here, otherwise they are likely in your wallet, just Bisq is not showing it.

I found a solution. I ust tried to restart the trade and I got an “error” that the BTC are already deposited, but I can cancel trade and withdraw them.

This helped me get them back. Thnks for your help!

It seems to be a general software problem though. @ManfredKarrer

Everytime I start a SEPA trade and mark that one as paid.
While during the same bisq-session (meaning wihtout closing bisq) when I want to start a second
SEPA trade I it always timesout and I get this error:

This happened now the last 4 times. It is always reproduced during this scenario

Does this happen both for sell and buy trades or only when you confirm payment as a seller?

Thanks for reporting the issue :slight_smile: Even better if you can open an issue on GitHub.

Are you on latest Bisq version 0.9.3? if not please update. If so and u have repeated problems please consider to start over with a new data directly. See: How to switch to a new data directory

Yes, I already opened the issue on github and yes I have the newest version.
So far I could only check this when buying BTC.

But new Data would also reset my account to lower trading amounts is that correct?
My account is over 60 days old and I like to take the bigger offers as wel when they are there.

Nevermind, I just read your link. I mgiht try, but this might be to advanced for me.
I am not a very techy person.

Well if you have any troubles with following the steps, you can come back here and ask for help.

It shouldn’t be very difficult.