Deposit & Maker Fee transactions not published

I (as taker) took a Buy offer ~25h ago. My Taker fee transaction has been confirmed (127 blocks at this time.)
If I look at the offer details, both the Maker fee and Deposit transactions don’t seem to have been published, both transaction ID cannot be found on any blockchain explorer.
The Open trades window indicates that the deposit transaction has in fact been published and the next step in pending its confirmation, which won’t happen. The remaining time always shows 24h from the time I open the window.
In my Funds/Locked funds, it shows my deposit is locked in an address that is in fact empty.

What’s the appropriate next step here? I don’t think the trade will ever go to arbitration on its own since the trade timer starts when the deposit is confirmed.


You can always open a dispute with alt+o and get the arbitrator involved.

Also your security deposit never left your wallet, you should still be able to use those funds with alt+e. In worst case, your trade fee could be lost.