Deposit not propagating

On my trade since 26 hours the deposit isn’t propagating in the blockchain (“seen by 0 peers”, “0 confirmation”). New start of the app didn’t help and the deposit transaction id isn’t known to the Bitcoin blockchain. How can I get this to a mediator in order to close the trade or to get the deposit propagated?

P.S: Using v1.5.1

Hi the deposit failing to recognize confirmation is a recent bug.

It has happened a few times with trades I have done. All have been able to be resolved.

An SPV resync will normally fix this issue:

I would recommend backing up your Bisq first:

If it still does not work select the trade and press ctrl + ‘0’, cmd + ‘O’ or Alt + ‘O’ this will open up mediator support

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Thank you. SPV Resync didn’t fix it, then the mediator suggested to use the emergency tool. Unfortunately the tool isn’t recognizing the locked funds so it doesn’t help.
What would be the next logic step to free the locked (never propageted funds), should I restore the wallet from a backup or can I access the priv key from the address where the funds are (from blockchain point of view) or should I load the seed into another wallet?

You can try importing the seed at the same Bisq wallet. Failed trade - locked fund - #10 by huey
Update to v1.5.2, it should prevent this from happening.