Failed trade - locked fund


My trade failed because of no delayed payout tx id. Trade id is rd5mhvg. I need help in getting the locked funds back. I already contacted the moderator (bisq & key base)and opened an issue in GitHub as well. Still waiting for help.


Normally a SPV resync should do the job, but that is failing on this version (1.5 and 1.5.1).
Make a backup of Bisq and try to reimport the seed. If that doesn’t work, import the seed at a new Bisq instance.
You should remove open offers and complete pending trades.

I performed the spv resync and funds are still locked. The moderator has gone silent after telling me to contact him thro keybase. On the verge of just ending my bisq experiment…


Import the seed to a new Bisq instance. Your trade can’t be completed and moderator can’t do much about it.
This series of bugs (trade deposit failing and spv resync failing) is critical and very frustrating for users and is overloading moderator’s cases.
I’m sorry, there are always bugs to solve, but this is being a UX killer. v1.5.2 is coming soon, it should improve the experience.

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Thanks I will try this as my last attempt. Also if the problem was unsolvable I would have appreciated a honest answer from the support person. Instead he told me to contact him in keybase (Huey) and that he would help resolve the issue. Now it seems like he deliberately misled me and I wasted my time jumping thro hoops.

Can you post all tx ids (trade fee txs, deposit tx id)?
If the depost tx is published the funds are locked and require both signatures of both traders to make the payout.
SPV resync and restore from seed does not change here anything. The mediator will help to make the payout… Bur first lets check if the deposit tx is out.

deposit tx: 8d34a1a0fa84a04bf2a63486a8724b49f4fc5d6812a30b0b587cd80dc066ec3f
maker tx: 97bd2abf0ebfc2e45c1431e4e8d7e8481b716f7a1495456d8601c2296a82a87d
taker: 5c809bf31ca4db0c1f5f39113c74dba27b8c5d1df4fc7357beed3a266cb15a60

hey look yet another guy asking me to do something from my end and then ghosting. lol can’t make this stuff up.

Hello. It was my fault. I asked you to reach out to me on Keybase but lost track of your message.
Do as follow:

  1. Go to Account > Wallet Seed and write down the seed and the Wallet date
  2. Go to Account > Backup and make a backup
  3. Go to Account Wallet Seed and type the Wallet Seed and date in the fields bellow Restore wallets from seed words


ok… but i have another trade that is also in pending state because the seller says he keeps getting errors when trying to send “payment received” message. is there a risk of existing trades being wiped out?

With the backup, you can recover that pending trade.