Deposit not received after Arbitrator closed Ticket

The Seller deposit wasn’t returned in Trade KLHFMJLT.

I closed it again. Did it work this time?

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Yes, thanks.

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I have the same issue. I opened a dispute after I did not receive my BTC. The arbitrator wrote:

Ticket closed on Nov 21, 2018 12:49:00 PM

BTC buyer/Taker delivered tamper proof evidence: No
BTC buyer/Taker did ID verification: No
BTC buyer/Taker did screencast or video: No
Payout amount for BTC buyer: 0.1349 BTC
Payout amount for BTC seller: 0.0030 BTC

Summary notes:
Buyer opened dispute because the seller did not acknowledge receipt within the trading window. On investigation with the seller, this was because the trade was stuck in the “Waiting for Payment Started” state. This is likely due to a bug in which the buyer clicks “Payment Started”, but the message does not make it to the seller’s node. In any case, the seller has acknowledged receipt of the buyer’s payment, so I’m closing this trade out normally now. Thanks and best regards to both parties.

However, I did not receive any BTC. Even my security deposit is gone. It seems to be a bug but I don’t know what to do here. Can you help me out? Thank you!

Trade ID: 5scwywfs-d36a465b-606a-4298-b625-ad347f046fc1-080

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You can try deleting the SPV chain file in Settings and resync your wallet, in case Bisq is not showing the balance properly.

Otherwise, you should be able to withdraw your coins with cmd+e.

Thanks for your reply, I have already tried deleting the SPV chain and resynced. It didn’t help.
The second option makes me wonder. When I withdraw my coins, I can only withdraw the coins I already have but not the coins that I’m missing. At least that’s what it is showing me.

Perhaps you will need to export your private keys from Bisq then, but try to determine where your coins are now using a block explorer first (with Tor browser for privacy).

Try following your coins from when you sent them to Bisq to determine if they are in a multisig address now (the one that starts with 3). Bitaps is an explorer that will show these multisig addresses correctly with the OP RETURN messages that Bisq creates for multisig transactions during a trade, they are not important to you, but will make the whole thing nicer to look at without errors.

If your coins for this trade are stuck in a multisig, that means that deposit tx was made (that transaction that puts your deposit coins in a multisig). We can contact the arbitrator here then, so he can know to unlock them with the other trader when they open a dispute. It would be useful if you could recover the arbitrator onion address for that trade then in that case.

Otherwise, if your coins never left your wallet, you can just export your private keys with alt+j after removing a wallet password, if you can’t get them out with cmd+e.

Ok so my arbitrator onion address is hvllnddukspprwt6.onion:9999
I looked at the transaction in and I noticed this:

39YpSjH65V3UvNReLMKgTKjiK73QeYp8A1 0.1379576 BTC
Unable to decode output address

I’m not too knowledgeable in that regard but it seems something went wrong there? Or am I missing something?
On bitaps, it seems to be received. Do you need anything else from me, that would help in that matter?
Thanks again!

I don’t think that is the address of an arbitrator, but perhaps of your trading peer, either way your trade ID should be enough for arbitrators to find your trade.

Yeah, your funds are indeed in a multisig, I will send the arbitrators a PM now.

it’s indeed the address of a new arbitrator since nov 1st.
at least as it appears in Account/Arbitrator selection.

I signaled the case in the slack #arbitration channel.

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Ok thanks, I have received the BTC now.

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Glad to hear, @phileo, thanks.