Deposit not released after disput. Payout Transaction ID missing

After a resolved issue about formal aspects of a SEPA transaction the arbitrator closed the disput ticket. The security deposit is not released afterwards and it seems there is no Payout Transaction ID in the detail window of the trade. Report in disput window shows deposit should be paid back. What am I missing?

Who was the arbitrator of your trade?


Thanks for your assistance!

Doing a bit search this address should belong to @keo, correct?

Yes, it was my dispute. I think the payout simply takes some time due to a quite full mempool.

Hi. But shouldn’t the payout tx should have at least an ID which could be used to find it in explorers?

If the peer who received the larger amount was not online the payout tx is not published as that peer is doing the publishing. Lets wait a few days and if its is still not out then re-open and close again.

Thanks for info, @ManfredKarrer! Disputed payout tx finally came through. Keep up the good work everybody!