Deposit Transaction ID: N/A

I started a sale that was accepted yesterday, but when I checked today I saw that the funds are in “Locked” and “Avaliable balance” (duplicates).
The trade contains Deposit Transaction ID: N / A.
What should I do to resolve?

This sounds like a failed trade.

The funds likely will not have left your wallet.

You can check by going to > Funds > Transaction

See if you can see the deposit transaction there.

If no funds have left your wallet you should see an option to move the trades to ‘failed trades’

If you have lost trading fees as a result you can make a claim for them here:

Pazza, you are right.
The funds have not left my wallet, but the option to move trades to ‘failed trades’ is not available and my version is 1.5.4.

You might need to do a SPV Resync.

This is needed quite often after a failed trade where wallet balances shown are incorrect. It will likely also help you being able to move the trade to failed.