Deposit transaction ID not found?

Hello, first post on here, forgive me if I’m doing something wrong.

I had a buyer accept a BTC trade earlier today, but the trade proccess is currently stuck on “Wait for blockchain confirmation” for the past few hours. I click on the transaction ID to open it in blockstream but it says that the transaction is not found. I have already traded successfuly with this buyer a few times before with no issues. Should I be worried?

Yes, I’ve had a couple of trades go in complete limbo over the past two weeks. Then I was like “Screw this!” and tried to move my balance that was unlocked from Bisq’s escrow system to my core wallet. And now NONE of that’s confirming.

With the previous release of Bisq, trades were pretty graceful for me; but now I feel seriously reluctant to put anything of significant value into my Bisq wallet. (I def feel it’s not safe to leave it in there at this point.)

I’m guessing that the Bisq devs really screwed the pooch by not doing enough beta testing of this release to make sure peoples’ funds won’t get blocked up in a vortex in this distribution :frowning: .

Damn that sucks. I do hope the funds aren’t lost. I’ve been on Bisq for over a year with no issues. Is there any chance that an arbitrator can help?

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Thanks. I’ve tried that. All I get is “Delete/ReSync the SPV.”, “Delete/ReSync The SPV.” That’s been three consensus among 3-4 peeps helping (not including another good samaritan who’s not on Bisq’s team in any official capacity but he’s gone above and beyond trying to help which was cool!). I’ve deleted/resynced the SPV multiple times last week, and still nothing happens.

I’m also really worried that the transaction from Bisq back to bitcoin core seems invisible to mempool.

Bisq really has to up their game! I’m just glad most of my BTC was converted to other coins or already liquidated from there. If I had thousands or millions worth of BTC that wouldn’t go through mempool from Bisq I’d prob have to check myself in to a funny farm to take a mental health break from losing all that money. Hahaha! :stuck_out_tongue:

I also feel like it’s just the new release. My only issues with Bisq were really recent but it does remind me that on a lot of DeFi applications you’re not as safe from bugs as you are if you’re using any kind of custodial service.

So uhhh update, I tried Resyncing the SPV and once I did Bisq realized that the transaction deposit was not sent and gave me the option to mark the transaction as failed… and I did so and got my funds back! Yay!

However… I kid you not as I was in the proccess of transfering my funds out of Bisq… the transaction was re-broadcasted and now it’s stuck in escrow… I literally have no idea what to do at this point as I can’t access the old trade, I already marked it as failed…

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Hi, go to portfolio/failet trades and verify that the deposit transaction is valid or invalid with the transaction ID on a block explorer.
If the deposit transaction is valid, you can try to unfail a trade with ctrl+y.

If you need further help, contact support team at #support channel in keybase.

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Thanks a lot! ctrl+y to unfail the trade worked! I was able to complete the trade.

Still a bit annoying how this bug could happen, but at least I was able to recover my deposit. Thanks for the help! I’ll probably refrain from trading on bisq for a while until this bug is figured out…