Deposit transaction ID - Transaction not found

Trade is stuck on Step 1 “Wait for blockchain confirmation” for 3-1/2 hrs now. The Deposit transaction ID shown is not found by block explorer(s).

Version: Bisq-64bit-1.1.6.deb
Trade ID: efeikv2-bfc01e8c-6541-49ed-8c7d-ff1f17c21877-115
Deposit transaction ID: 4e96b45716582fc18b2ab8aabceaaa5c450412329644858625ed4966dcf84ab6


  1. shutdown/restart Bisq. No effect.
  2. chat with counterparty - not online

edit: I found log entries for the trade.

Sep-21 16:19:16.358 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  b.c.n.a.TradeEvents: We got a new trade. id=efeikv2-bfc01e8c-6541-49ed-8c7d-ff1f17c21877-115
Sep-21 16:19:16.541 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  b.d.m.s.p.PreferencesView: tx fee = 0.0000005 BTC
Sep-21 16:19:17.069 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO  b.c.p.f.FeeService: BTC tx fee: txFeePerByte=10

The transaction could have been replaced with RBF. Can you check the maker fee txID?

Thanks goraelec - the maker fee txid is


and is not found by block explorer.

The taker txid is


and has many confirmations already.

Thanks for any advice!

@bit-stacker, the taker is you, so it’s okay for your transaction to have many confirmations.

Can you guys (@huey or @christoph) have a look? I’m not sure how to troubleshoot this

@bit-stacker @goraelec
There’s an issue that has bee causing an error when broadcasting transactions. In this case, it seems that the make offer transaction wasn’t successfully broadcast but the Bisq Network still accepted it as a valid offer.

Please open an issue on, and open a dispute on the Open Trades screen in the Bisq app by pressing ctrl+o.

Thanks @huey and @goraelec for your help.

github issue:

I also opened a dispute in the app. Please let me know if there is further information or assistance I can provide.

Thanks support for quick response and resolution of this trade.

Sure. Good luck with your other and upcoming trades.

Hi @goraelec and @huey

Something still broken - transactions are not making it to the blockchain.

I see the dispute payout transaction from earlier is still not found on blockchain:

Without realizing, I tried to send bitcoin from my Bisq wallet and it failed to appear in the mempool in time.

My log entries include:
fee 0.0000815 BTC for 813 bytes (10 Satoshi/Byte)
which looks reasonable (about $0.81 USD)

I see the onion stuff and peer messaging going on. There is an entry:

Sep-22 14:02:25.383 [JavaFX Application Thread] INFO o.b.c.TransactionBroadcast: broadcastTransaction: We have 9 peers, adding 2642b5e520bd407d2385bf6a60f8d7492a0ad76d5333959a73ba215bde390b8a to the memory pool

but the transaction is still not there.

I am on latest 1.1.6 - could this be a problem? Would it help if I upload the log file?


@bit-stacker, yes I’d suggest sharing the bisq.log file on the Github issue you’ve created.
Meanwhile, if you’re connecting to your local host or a custom node it may be worth trying the default and connection to the default BTC nodes. Also, try to turn off your VPN if you have one on, it may be causing issues.

I updated the issue 3305 with the log section. Hopefully it can shed some light. I was using the default and not running my own node. No VPN involved. Thanks again.

Hi @huey - would you recommend I delete all Bisq files, reinstall and recreate my wallet from seed words and date? Would that make Bisq forget about the unbroadcast transaction?

Did the “Delete SPV and Resynced”. Wallet looks ok. Did a small send to an outside wallet and it was processed immediately.

Thanks all!

I think I have the same problem but a resync didn’t help. Two transactions from a multisig security deposit do not show up in the blockchain. the btc seems to be in my bisq wallet but when i try to withdraw transaction does not show on blockchain either.

15.02.2021 13:17:11 MultiSig-Auszahlung: 92463 Erhalten mit: bc1q9f3vqsjch9alj2raqrlan4gjtqeamp2uxeh843 5814d5ddf2f256157e8e414b2fc3358bffa4a9c309283a55dcec11ee56cd3b9e 0.015850 0
15.02.2021 13:14:14 MultiSig-Auszahlung: mnsJypu Erhalten mit: bc1q2av2czngl3pv0aha89sx8f4ry9rjt6z85hqrjw ac27b3c619087cde416f2d99795fcc21a884f449ba56d1132a4b56444ef4db63 0.015850 0