Deposit transaction not propagating to the network

Since more than 5 hours a deposit transaction of a trade is not propagating in the bitcoin network. Status in bisq app is "wait at least for one transaction before starting the payment. If I lookup the transaction id in an explorer the id isn’t known. Usually it propagates at least and I can see those transactions in the explorer with 0 confirmations.
Assume this state won’t change. I’m connected to 12 peers. What to do now? I’m going to open a ticket with cmd-o because it won’t go automatically into arbitration because the 24h window isn’t starting before it’s in a block.

Did anybody face the same issue? A bug or other possible reason?

It happens from time to time. I don’t know what could be the issue, likely some connection problems with the Bitcoin network or something.

Thanks. Did a new trade after the problem one and it worked again. Assume the arbitrator can initiate a new deposit in order to get the problem trade continuing?

There are only 2 arbitrators atm.
And one of them is travelling the next days, it’s 3b7cft5k4ae6a236.onion:9999
So if it is him, there will be some delay.
Apologies if it is the case.

I doubt that he can, but he can close the trade for you so that it is resolved.

I see. Ok then I wait for arbitrators availability. No funds are moved except the deposit hanging so no big deal.
Thank you.

Arbitrator 3de2y2bhifakoa7m.onion initiated yesterday refund of the deposit values. This transaction as well stucks in bisq, isn’t propagating into the network. Posting here because I don’t know how to contact the arbitrator when a trade is closed already…
I restarted bisq with another internet connection to be sure that slow connection is not the cause, no change. As well I did a resysnc yesterday as suggested by the arbitrator. Using latest version 8.0

As well transaction 3bf4a93ab3817d54d688611de89103684e46aa23ce72645c665ab99edf9a9a06
is visible in my bisq but not propagating to the network. Asking herewith for repeation of this withdraw.

Thank you in advance for support!

@cbeams is your arbitrator. He should be able to fix this.

Thank you. Sent a PM to arbitrator here in the forum.

I’m following up via PM with @torte now.