Deposit TXN not broadcast

I have 8 trades from the same seller that deposit TXNs haven’t been broadcast.

My theory is that their Bisq app thinks that the first deposit TXN broadcast successfully so any subsequent trades when broadcasting get rejected by the mempool because the parent doesn’t exist. Is this a possibility?

If so can’t this be prevented by checking that a deposit TXN has broadcast to the network before allowing additional trades to be processed that depend on it?

I feel like maybe this trader might need to delete and resync their SPV chain or something but I may be wrong. It could be an issue with my Bisq for all I know (although I haven’t had any issues with other traders since this started).

This has cost me a fair bit of money because I thought the trades were going to go through but now they’ll have to be canceled.

I suggest you create an issue on and share your bisq.log file. Specify if you’re the maker or taker and if other transactions weren’t also broadcast: maker fee transaction and taker fee transaction. Also please specify if you’re using a VPN, a custom Bitcoin node or a local Bitcoin node.

At the end of your issue please write “Related to #3306

Thanks for that - I’ll try to lodge an issue when i get some time.

This issue has occurred when I was both maker and taker (although I believe the chain of events started with me being maker). As far as I can tell it is only ever the deposit TXN that isn’t broadcast.

Not using a VPN or custom bitcoin node or local bitcoin node.