DEX, DAO and Determination

I’ll mount my soapbox for a bit and see if anyone is tempted to discuss.

What the hell is going on!

BISQ represents the first and best opportunity for acclaimed self-sovereign key holders (bitcoin maximalists, crypto anarchists, whatever they call it) to keep control of their funds AND trade worldwide through a private network. It astonishes me that the current bitcoin infrastructure relies so heavily on exchanges built on legacy systems it was meant to destroy.

Clearly, the developers of BISQ are early to the party. It begs the question-- will there be a party at all?

How many of us are there? Is the bitcoin network just a bunch of frightened punks pretending to overthrow a system they cannot discard?

I mean, WTH is going on!

All these damn conferences and meetups happening in barely furnished warehouses, with beautiful people talking about art, freedom and control. And when the attendees all go home they login to their paypal/bank/networks to see how much they spent and worship a number being served from some SQL server.

What is going on?

This platform should be absolutely overloaded with ‘like-minded’ traders/enthusiasts/revolutionaries/crypto-anarcho-capitalist whatever you call it. Where are these self-proclaimed people?

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There is a difference between fighting for something and just supporting it.
It is still nice to see an overwhelming support for Bitcoin in general, if nothing else, even when it is for slightly selfish reasons.

We can’t expect everyone to be heavily invested in this financial movement, some have to be just supporters. It makes sense that most people wouldn’t care that much about a specific movement, but still believe that it is a rightful cause worthy of support.

Most people welcome this change, but they are not willing to take all the risks, research and inconvenience of actively fighting for it. This is fine in my opinion. Eventually those who are willing to take this sacrifice will make things like Bitcoin and Bisq bigger and more common so that others can join without much hassle. There is nothing wrong with that, it is just like any other social change, it takes time, understanding and people dedicated enough to see it through and available to the wider audience.

We can still be the ones who bring this technology to them and they will undoubtfully join us as it becomes more and more popular. Don’t forget how small Bitcoin was once, but with many ups and downs and 10 years of growth it has reached recognition amongst the wider population. Even Bitcoin is still far from it’s goal, but over few decades we might see a significant change, but never forget that these things take a lot of time and a lot of patience. Social change was always a slow process and it can not be forced onto people, we will have to wait for them to see and learn, slowly but surely.

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Bitcoin is not 10 years old.
Bitcoin is a revolution like Gutenberg.
It needs some time to be digested.
For my part I found absolutely normal to see all those centralized shitty-things coming and surrounding bitcoin.
It’s exactly what happens in a biological entity.

And there will not been several decentralization revolution piling up one immediately one after the other.
Time is needed to breath.
Centralization, personalisation is several thousand years old, deeply in peoples DNA
… this will not dissapear in twenty years.

It is quite astounding actually. The friction introduced by normal banks is enormous, not only between people but equally badly between companies trading across borders or wanting access to capital. And this costs enormous money. Still nobody uses BTC. I guess the only comfort is that the early adopters take all the money and laugh all the way to the Trezor.