Did I actually receive my security deposit back?

Hi Bisq Support,

I just completed a trade with the help of an arbitrator (txtion wasn’t a disupte, just had an open support ticket since it was unconfirmed for awhile) with trade ID: 5564786-5d292365-f7fb-43e3-b4a9-cffebe909af6-060

I was selling 0.1 BTC and I had 0.003 BTC locked in the trade as a security deposit. The arbitrator closed out the trade and it looks like wrote notes to the effect that both sides received their security deposit back. See screenshot here: https://cl.ly/0T2e320F422a

I am confused because it doesn’t seem like the 0.003 BTC was returned to me the BTC seller (based on my expected BTC wallet balance post-trade), though I may be just a n00b at reading how the transaction went down. Is there a way to check what the arbitrator did on the blockchain? Or is it possible that the transaction fee increased so much that it wiped out my security deposit?

Just trying to understand what happened! Thank you!

EDIT: After posting, I received 0.003 BTC back to my wallet, so all is good now. Not sure if it was just a timing issue (slow confirmations) or if this ticket inspired some kind of Bisq support?

It was possibly due to slow Bitcoin network at the moment. Mempool has been quite full last couple of days.