Did my Bitcoins get lost in limbo?

blockchain explorer doesn’t find it and transaction id leads to “not found”. And i can’t see it on destination address.

I did try to send the amount 3 times previously before getting the right btc amount + fees .

Bitcoins never really disappear :slight_smile: If you haven’t successfully sent them, they are still in the same place they were before.

In this scenario it seems like your BTC are still in your Bisq wallet and you haven’t successfully withdraw them. Perhaps you set the mining fee too low or you might be experiencing some bug.

Don’t worry, as long as you know your seed words or have your wallet, your funds are safe in Bisq.
Try using the emergency wallet tool by pressing alt+e if you can’t withdraw your funds the usual way or simply export your private keys by removing the wallet password, restarting the app and then pressing alt+j.

Now all my bits are gone :frowning:

Bitcoin Explorer sent it to this address…

https://blockchain.info/address/38RPwSqAvCMkq5JgfZm4y4uifhHWhQNd9V nothing here

also my balance is not 0.00 btc both ways.
and conformation sign is stuck since march 9th for the old transaction as well as the new.

Is there any valid explanation for this?? (don’t be afraid to use technical terms, i have a degree in computer networking systems)

Also ALT+J shows me ZERO available BTC as well but marking the former transactions as “pending”

alt+j should allow you to see your private keys, so the balance that Bisq is showing doesn’t impact your funds, as you can simply import those keys into another wallet like Bitcoin Core or Electrum.

Can you copy 3 transaction ids (2 trade fee txs and deposit tx) from the trade details window?
From what I see from your image, this transaction never took place on the blockchain, but I can’t be sure that I typed it in right, so copying it would be a lot more useful.

Please resync the wallet under settings/network. Then check the balance again with cmd+e. If it still is not as expected import the seed words (account/seed).

thank u for the helpful answer guys, i discovered the CTRL+R (revert) transaction function and it worked. :slight_smile: