Did not receive btc in trade

Need some help here. I purchased BTC for USD. The seller received the USD but the BTC was never released to me. The trade expired 10 hours ago and the seller has not responded and I have not heard anything from an arbitrator. What can I do?
Thanks in advance

Arbitrator maybe just didn’t see it yet, probably busy with Easter holiday. You should be getting a response in next 24 hours since the dispute was open, if not, there could have been a bug that made the message not reach the arbitrator.

Either way, no need to worry, your BTC are locked in a multisig and they will not be released to anyone before arbitrator contacts you.

After 24 hours of not receiving message from an arbitrator, you could simply post your arbitrator’s onion address here so we can contact him through the forum.

Thank you for putting some of my fears to rest. Appreciate it.