Didn't get my XMR from trade

This is my first time using Bisq as a trading platform, my trade ID was 22172, my monero wallet has received no funds but my btc has gone to the other trader. If I could get some help in this issue, much would be appreciated. Or if I can simply get back into contact with the other trader, but it doesn’t seem like I can.


The only way to release BTC would be that your peer pushed the “payment sent” button and you pushed the “payment received” button.
You can’t contact your peer once a trade ends.

This issue requires you to come to Keybase to provide some personal details.

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Ok, I’ve added keybase and have signed up - where do I go from here?


Links to keybase group:

keybase://team-page/bisq for the app
https://keybase.io/team/bisq for desktop

Once you get into this group, you can try to find the #support channel, although #general might be fine to redirect you.