Different buyers trading account details from actual SEPA transaction


Just received payment from a buyer via SEPA. The details on the buyer from Bisq gives me a full name and IBAN but the actual transfer came from Revolut with no identifiers to original buyer.

What’s the usual go to solution and has others dealt with this before? I’ve traded via Revolut before but my account got suspended due to a previous trade on Bisq so anything associated with it is seen with skepticism.

Account age is less than 20 days as of writing.

Advice appreciated

I’d open a dispute and return the money to the account it came from. It’s against the trade protocol to use a different account from that specified in the trade. You can find the handles of the Arbitrators here.

And I’d like to bring your attention to this thread that gave us a insight into some of the characteristics of scams that can be used on Bisq-

A return sounds like a sensible approach. Would you suggest I wait for the time limit to pass or contact an arbitrator immediately? Hard to assess whether time is important incase of fraud etc.

Open a dispute immediately, and explain it to the arbitrator. No need to wait for the end of the trade duration. The other trader violated the trade protocol.

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