A place to list the arbitrator’s profiles

Arbitrator Onion address Email
@arbitrator1 hvllnddukspprwt6.onion:9999
@Arbitrator2 lxtakb2itavzv5w7.onion:9999
@keo s6yrrpezc3zp6biy.onion:9999


If you’re having troubles with your trade, contact the arbitrators directly, through private messages, instead of making public posts. If you do feel the need to make public posts, avoid sharing personal information.

You can read up on the trading rules here. The Bisq Network isn’t a finished product so everything that you find to be wrong with it is a chance to help fix it.


How do I find the email of arbitrs? Where is it posted on the trade? I got 4 transactions stucked for + 16 days and they don´t do anything.

@keo is the only one available through mail. The other two can be reached here on the forum.

How do we send email to exihmfza5343eh7q.onion:9999 ? What kind of email is it?

Sorry, that table isn’t very clear. That onion address is for @keo, so the email address is

Thank you! I email him, let´s see if I got it solved.

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