Dirty BTC coins on the XMR market?

High risk for whom? :smile:
For them I guess

Does that mean they’ll let you withdraw at least?

Bitfinex made me jump though some more loops but BTC is officially back in my wallet =D.
Poloniex so far no

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Best of luck mate

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Do you have any idea what this mean? Was it flagged because they coins are “dirty” or because of the"Bisq fingerprint" i…e. what a123b described above.
If you get any more details will you let us know? I’m very curious what’s going on there.

When a bank closes an account, they usually don’t share any details other than this.

They have so far refused to give any more information and I doubt they will but I’ll update if they do. The funds came from Bisq but as to which part of it they did not like we can only guess. The fact that no one else here seems to be coming forward with the same issue, my guess is not a fingerprint but rather I got unlucky with who I traded with.

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Maybe it is that indeed.
It is however absolutely absurd.
If you trade Facebook shares on the NewYork exchange, you also don’t know with who you trade.
And you’re not prosecuted for that if the other party is a bad guy.
All those govs maneuvers stink.

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So Polo are still holding your BTC??

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Any luck getting it back Izzy? I’m very interested in following this story.

Since there seems to be interest ill summarize the process so far after being told my account was being closed at each exchange in case this might help someone in the future, or helps on choosing exchanges to trust (its a dick move to close my account by both exchanges but bitfinex support was A+, poloniex, not so much…)

-Trades and withdrawals were locked and I received an email saying they needed kyc as something in my account looked suspicious
-after giving them all that they respond a few days later telling me I had 5 days to remove funds before account is closed and i lose all access/funds left on there
-I reply that my withdrawals are locked and can not
-they respond in a few hours that it is now unlocked and must send ONLY btc and ONLY to an address previously used to deposit
-tell them i have white listed a btc address that i have never used to deposit before (this feature only lets you withdraw to one address for security reasons you cant mistype or get a virus to put the wrong address) and bitfinex locks withdrawals for 5 days if it is changed to make sure it was not hacked. Waiting 5 days to change it would put me into account already closed territory
-they respond within the hour that I should change the white listed address to a previously used one and they will keep my account open for an extra 2 weeks to make sure everything is done smoothly
-5 days later all btc safely removed
-A+ service

-they stopped all withdrawals from my account without saying anything for 2 months
-not being able to take out my money, I put it out into loans june 1st
-June 6th they announce major loss on margin may 26th and are taking 10% of my loans (ouch considering i came in after the fact)
-June 7th no one trusts lending so rates go up to ~0.5% per day so not being able to take out my money i got nothing to lose and put them in 30 day loans which would make my losses back
-June 13 I was told I had 14 days to remove funds before account is closed and i lose all access/funds left on there
-open a ticket saying 1) withdrawals are locked i cant, 2) i have loans i cant, 3) will i get the repayment plan you guys promised?
-they respond to unlock my account but say nothing about the loans
-so for last week i check every day if a loan expires i can remove my btc but many are for a month, or 2 weeks longer than the expiration of my account
-sooo they have allowed withdrawals but my btc is locked away in loans so I’ve only been able to remove about 50% so far. I have tickets open and have a poloniex consultant on skype (they give you one if you trade enough). Tickets have no response in a week and consultant just keeps telling me he is looking into it but is no real help yet.
-account set to expire on the 27th, fingers crossed I can get as much out as I can


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Good AMA that gives some insight about chainalysis and taints.

Thx for the update.

Did you get your BTC back from Polo?

Most of it. It has been 4 weeks since I got the email saying the “account would be closed in 2 weeks” but it is still alive. So I was able to let all my lending contracts expire and withdrew them ASAP. I lost a lot on withdraw fees since it was never confirmed that I would be able to withdraw after 2 weeks so I did about 30 small withdraws instead of waiting for 1 big one in case they decided the close my account. I also have a lot of small amounts in alts which can not be traded and below the withdraw limit which will be lost. As well I will not get any of the reimbursement planned for the lost margin problem they had. In all I’ll lose ~100 USD.

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For the margin reimbursment, just wait until there’s a class action lawsuit against them and join them with your claim. It’s pretty much illegal to make their customers eat up the loss for their flawed design.

If they offer margin trading for extremely illiquid assets and someones liquidation causes them to lose a shitton of BTC, it’s their fault and not the customer’s.

And I’m pretty sure some whale who’s got some btc into lending there won’t tolerate their bullshit and starts suing them eventually.