Privacy ala Samurai/Taproot& Schnorr

I was wondering if bisq can and will join multiple transactions into one eventually?

When i look at "Tainted" Bitcoins and Dirty BTC coins on the XMR market?

when we had Dirty BTC coins on the XMR market? , shouldn’t we do something like the samurai wallet ? which combines multiple transactions to remove the taint?

If we have more users, this becomes more effective and we could get some additional btc/bisq/money to pay the developers in addition to trading fees if we offer such a feature.

We should also be front runner on the implementation of schnorr/Taproot and its dependend features to reduce privacy issues and fees at the same time.
Therefore some additional funding to support work on BitcoinJ upstream might be necessary

I think it may be more realist to for the users to implement privacy measures on their side going in and out of fiat to BTC trades.

So it comes down to being on top of the bitcoin development alone and implement core updates sooner than later. For now that is a huge task on its own.
I just thought bsq pool could increase income, which right now seems a problem.