[Discussion] Chances of Buyer Getting Scammed?

Discussion: What are the chances somebody gets scammed?
So, I am used to buying BTC on CashApp. CashApp has 0% fees and extremely low risk.
I understand, Bisq is different. I am willing to pay the current 7% fee-hike for better privacy.

However, I did want to ask what the chances of actually getting scammed (as the buyer) are.
Especially, since basically everyone’s minimum order is 100 USD rn.

TL;DR: What are the chances (and how) would the buyer get scammed?

As a buyer you are very safe. The BTC seller deposits the trade amount into escrow and even if they’re dishonest, as long as you can prove to the Arbitrator that you’ve made the fiat payment, the trade amount should be awarded to you.

You can read up on the Trading Rules to know more. Any doubts or suggestion can be discussed here on the forum or proposed on its issue on Github.