Dispute message in Spanish

All of my interactions with bisq have been in English until now when a dispute was opened. That message is in Spanish.

Por favor asegúrese de familiarizarse con las reglas básicas del proceso de disputa:

Why is this message in Spanish?
Why is this message not copy-paste-able?

What is your selected language in Settings/Preferences ?
What is your OS language ?

If you consider those questions too indiscreet, please do not answer.

English. Country is United States.

It seems it look likes a bug.
(There is activity on the translation side those times).
The best is to signal it (open an issue) on https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq

I think the initial message is sent by the arbitrator and would thus be sent using the language of the locale of the arbitrator.

“please make sure you are familiar with the basic rules of the dispute process”.