Dispute opened against me after 6h

So I started a SEPA-trade with somebody 6h ago at CET time. (around 8pm, tuesday)
Now I see a dispute opened and arbitrator aske me if I already received the SEPA payment?

Is this serious? I would assume arbitrators would understand how SEPA payments work
and strange why someone would open a dispute 6h right after starting a trade on an evening
and expecting the SEPA transaction already raching my bankaccount.

This is no Instant-SEPA transaction either.

Now I am worried that there might be some sort of scam going on.
Also the arbitrator instantly reacting to that dispute and not understanding SEPA-transactions worries me.

arbitrator is: g72ouph23eznvpuz.onion:9999

-> @Arbitrator2 (ping)
afaik @Arbitrator2 understands SEPA quite well.

Concerning dispute opening, it can be that your counterparty is a novice with Bisq/SEPA,
and hit the dispute button mistakenly too early because being uneasy.
(I had also such a case in the past).
From your description it seems you have nothing to worry with the dispute.

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yes it is serious and that is called a generic question, commonly used to identify if the information that I receive is correct or there is a bug. I guess you tx id is arfhSA, will message you through the dispute.