Dispute resolution help needed

Lately I accepted an offer to buy btc with a SEPA transfer. After first stage confirmation and funds locked, I proceeded to my bank’s web site for the EUR SEPA transfer. Unfortunately my bank doesn’t recognize the seller BIC as valid and I was unable to make the transfer. Wanting to fulfill my commitment to the deal, I tried sending the payment using my farther’s account from a different bank. The transfer was successful.
After the transaction delay expired and the btc hadn’t been released by the seller, I contacted the arbitrator and sent him the details of the SEPA transfer showing that the EUR are on the sellers account. The arbitrator informed me that the seller is afraid it might be a scam(?!) even when the money is on his account and that he wishes to return me the EUR just because I used a different bank than the one registered originally on Bisq to send them to him. I now have both accounts registered in Bisq but I don’t see what that can change.
Anyone could have accepted his offer and he could have been paid from any bank, how can it be a scam when the payment is made?
I feel Bisq is broken and I’ve lost a load of EUR + my btc funds…
Thanks for helping if you can.

I was the arbitrator. The fraud case we want to protect with the requirement that the bank account must match the one u have setup in bisq is the triangular scam described here: https://github.com/bisq-network/exchange/issues/373
In that case it does not matter if he received the EUR because if the sender was someone else not part of the trade (victim gotten tricked to a fake purchase on ebay like markets) the victim might make a chargeback later so the BTC seller is on risk to lose his received EUR.
You will get returned your EUR and as long you have not confirmed the receipt the BTC are not payed out, so don’t worry you will get refunded everything.

As described in the dispute in such cases we give the BTC seller to option to send back the Fiat as he would be the one at risk if a chargeback happens.

In your case that you could not send because of the BIC did not work with your first bank, that is a very strange case I never heard about so far, but probably some bank specific problem.

I was hoping you’d be the arbitrator! I’ll just wait for the refund now… :wink:

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I’ll try calling BBVA on Monday to find out what the error on the BIC is about and keep you updated

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Hi I have in general terms the same issue, but the buyer used a mittle company to send the money call osko https://osko.com.au/home, the thing is I don’t have a way to send the money back ?

Hi thanks for the post. The best thing to to if you have not already would be to open mediation. You can do this by selecting the trade and pressing Ctrl + O