Do I need an external Monero wallet?

Hello all. This is my first XMR/BTC trade. I am the XMR buyer/taker, selling BTC.

I set up an XMR altcoin account and I can see my XMR Altcoin address in Bisq. Transaction has been confirmed. Payment from BTC buyer/XMR seller has started. I’m at the “Confirm Payment Receipt” step. I don’t see the XMR in Bisq, so I’m not understanding how to confirm XMR payment received.

I tried creating a Monero wallet under separate apps (mymonero and also the Monero GUI Wallet from but Windows Defender is picking up Win32/Uwamson.A!ml and blocking it.

Many thanks for clarifying.

Hi yes you need an external wallet. Monero GUI works well.

Windows will give you an error so I would add it to the ignore / whitelist.

Remember that buyer could need to provide a proof of payment if seller doesn’t acknowledge the payment.

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