Do I use XMR GUI receive address in the Bisq's XMR Altcoin address?

Do I use the receive address in my XMR GUI app for the altcoin address requested in my Bisq XMR Altcoin account setup?

I assume when I wish to sell my xmr for btc for example bisq is able to interface with my XMR Gui wallet to provide payment for the trade?

Sorry I am completely new…apologies if this has been answered. I had a look but could not find the answer. If anyone can give me a quick tip on how to search for the answer that would be great as well.

thanks G.

Do I use XMR GUI receive address in the Bisq’s XMR Altcoin address?

Yes, the address you need to fill in the altcoin account, is an altcoin address you have control over, so if you use XMR Gui to send and receive XMR, use its address.
It is not something that bisq will have access to, though: when you are a BTC seller (XMR buyer), that’s the address that the BTC buyer will send their XMR to.
When you are a BTC buyer instead (XMR seller), then the address you specify is the address from where your XMR should be sent from.

Bisq app has not (and should not have!) the capability of interfacing with your other personal wallets to send out crypto, you have to do the sending manually on your side, to the address of your XMR buyer.