DO NOT make or take Fasterpaments offers or you will get your sec. deposit stolen! -> MISLEADING TITLE! Nothing gets stolen

If you are not glued to your Windows PC or you don’t check it at least twice a day, be prepared to loose ALL your security deposit as dispute will open automatically in 24 hours. The Payment initiated button will be greyed and Bisq will not provide you Name and Surname of account number to be paid via Fasterpayments. You will get a strange popup error “tradersMultiSigKeyPair must not be null” and notification: Ticket CLOSED

and that your 0.10BTC WAS TAKEN FROM YOU! Luckilly not in my case :slight_smile:

Please see my response to your earlier GitHub issue:

As I mentioned there, I have re-opened this trade’s dispute ticket so that we can resolve the payout issue manually together. Please open Bisq, go to Support, click on this ticket and send me a chat message to let me know you’re there. Thank you.


Update: The payout transaction for this trade has gone through, such that all parties have been returned their funds. I have followed up in arbitration chat with buyer and seller, and am considering this issue complete now.

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@bisqsux Can you please change the title? Nothing got stolen. Please don’t use such a irritating language.

Deleted - question answered elsewhere