Do we need to buy BSQ in Bisq at the market?

… is there a video or a doc step by step?


Sorry, can you rephrase your question?

BSQ is tradable on Bisq in the same way other altcoins are.

If you want to make sandbox practice, you may use Bisq in BTC_DAO_REGTEST mode.
Bisq --baseCurrencyNetwork=BTC_DAO_REGTEST
You can request testmoney in the #DAO slack channel

I couldn’t find a simple guide, howto buy BSQ.

As I understand, the steps are following:

DAO -> BSQ Wallet -> copy BSQ Wallet receive address, then go to Account -> Altcoin accounts -> Add new BSQ account. Should we activate “Trade instant…”?

And then buy BSQ as other Altcoins.

Is that correct?

Yes. You can create a “Altcoin Instant” or simple Altcoin or both. Then you go to the market and buy it like you’d buy any other altcoin.

Instant trading accounts are just like the regular ones, but the trade needs to complete within an hour.