Does anybody has experience with:

(of course - the money didn’t arrive to it’s destination when writing this comment. it is still gone)

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Oh damn. Yes seems to be a shady bank!

Show me one that isn’t :wink:

Haha… there are bad and worse…

I can just share the experience with “smallice”! And in the meanwhile I have read on other platforms more complaints and issues with the same matter! I actually have sent a few times money and so far it worked more or less well. Not as fast as they promote all over but at least the costs were cheaper than with a normal bank. Anyway, my last transaction is also lost until now and I have sent several emails to the support team. After 6 days I received the first reply where they informed me to have a look on it with urgent priority… Well as of now 3 days passed and no reply anymore! Tried to call the number which can be found in the internet… Those seem to be only call centers who take calls in their behalf and forward the concerns later to WB21. Don’t know if that money ever will be credited to my account?! I seriously doubt it!!! But if not I will try to report it with the police in Singapore ( Don’t know if that will help or change anything but it is at least a try. For now i will give 2 more days.
To avoid similar issues with this bank… KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF AND LOOK FOR ANOTHER SOLUTION!!!

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Transfers dont arrive in beenficiary Accounts. We have send a few transfers to diverent Accounts outgoing from WB21. This is now over 2 weeks ago, and not one single dollar arrived in the Beneficiary Accounts. No real person to ask, no support. Mail Answers are taking days, and it looks like, that the mails are mostly copy/paste standard Texts. Stay away. I got some informations that tey are banned from the regulated Banks, but this is absolutly not my problem. I will update the Informations here when i see first real facts or arrivings of funds.

WB21 is a scam!
Worstest bank we ever meet, they have delays with payments already 1 month. We proceed 19 transactions, nobody receive their transfers. They don’t reply on our messages, phone support can’t fix our problems, they even can’t answer where is our money. This bank just keep our money, money is “held in the air”. Stay away from this bank, if you already have an account there - save your money ASAP and transfer to another bank!!!
Total amount of transfers is more than $50 000. They don’t care about this, they are going to destroy partnerships we built last year in 1 month. Make no sense.
Applying to the court.

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Just stay away from WB21. This is not a company that should handle your money. We have a simple swift delayed with them for 1 month!! And this is not the first time. They are either in the path to failing or about to close down. You can’t imagine a serious Institution with these kind of delays and lack of seriousness. Stay away!!

WB21 Were is my money?

I have a serious problem with WB21 because I have money in this “bank” and I am trying for two times transfer for another bank account and never happen.