Does anybody has experience with:

They support 19 currencies, you can deposit via WIRE, SEPA or Bitcoin, you can transfer directly to other wb21 clients or int. realtime payment (seems to be fast, but have not tied it yet) and fees seems to be reasonable. Debit cards are offered as well.
No idea about chargeback risk, but all in all seems to be an interesting option for trading on Bitsquare.
Account opening and verification does not take more then 10 min. No waiting period, just upload 2 documents and thats it.

Maybe I will add it to the next release, but would be good if someone adds his experience as well and if we would get a bit more background info.

EDIT: seems to be a shady bank. See last comments in thread…

Found that review: seems to be an interesting webpage btw…

I sent a message to the support and asked about chargebacks. No reply, yet. We’ll see.

I received a reply from wb21. Unfortunately they don’t seem suited for our purpose:

Dear Mark,

Thank you for contacting WB21 support!
We handle chargebacks according to the rules of Master Card. Details can be found in the MasterCard chargeback policy on their website.

Thank you for the interest in our WB21 product.

Best regards,

WB21 Support Team
Phone US:+16502734807 | UK:+442032902188 | CH:+41417635358 | HK:+85281914788

Out of curiosity I wanted to have a quick look at the mastercard chargeback policy. I was mildly shocked to find out, it is a 419 pages pdf document.

Thanks for asking!
419 pages! Crazy, yes thats all for consumer protection :wink:

Does anyone has experience with ?
German modern online bank.

Looks familiar, I think I checked them and they fell through. I’ll have a look again.

Number26 looks ok, although there are reports of account closures. They wouldn’t tell why the accounts were closed. Customers affected by account closures have a 14 day period to withdraw money so there shouldn’t be much risk. They offer their service in Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Slovakia.

Atm only Germany and Austria. Other counties seem to be on the waiting list. I tried to register by could nto (Spain).

That’s annoying. This article from Dec, 2015 states differently:

Guess that didn’t work out.

Here a quick summay for

I did a SEPA transfer to my Austrian bank: they charge 1% fee and it took 1 day.
I send from my Austrian bank via SEPA to my EUR account (SEPA):It took 2 days until I got the funds (which is probably my slow Austrian bank). No extra fee.
Deposit from Bitcoin: Via Bitpay, takes 1 confirmation. Exchange rate was about 1 % away from market price (as far I remember).
Did not have tried WB21 to WB21. If anyone has an account, ping me so we can see if it is instant.

If we would support it it would be probably only WB21 to WB21, like OKPay. I am not sure if the answer regarding chargeback was about that payment option? They support debit cards as well, and the WIRE, so I assume for those they don’t protect against chargeback, but wondering how the sirk is when using internal transfers. If anyone has an account we simply could try it out.

Hi Manfred,

I have an account on WB21. If you want to test internal transfer, tell me.


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I’ve also an account on WB21.

I’ve added it on the list of bank accounts that allow instant transfers between them:

Dos anybody have their debit cards in use?, and is wb21 really trustfully bank?

Thanks guys,

I send $20 to Sabadell USA on Sep 29 and has NOT arrive the money yet (Oct 4) and I sent 20$ to Wells Fargo USA and hasn’t arrived either I’ll keep update, if anything happens, but if the money arrives is not that fast as the claim.

They suck - law unto themselves in a manner of speaking… I read an article on them so very impressed I emailed them asking if i could send funds by bankers cheque - they said ‘no’, and any questions on ‘why’, have not been entertained. Given that I am using a standard (if slightly old fashioned) means to transfer funds - the lack of reason is annoying. (The only bitcoin exchange with a yes IF …passport… was BTCC-china, at 2.30AM in the morning their time)

They advertise on their site that their fees are only 1% and that transfers happen in real time… well I ended up paying 40USD fee on a transfer of 300 USD (that would be aprox 13% fee!!)

On top of this it took 2.5 weeks to get onto the beneficiary account! When i tried contacting them on status of transfer I either got an automatic copy and paste response or nothing at all…

So beware of this site or use at your own risk…

That’s good to know, thanks. Guess we’ll stay away from them!

Yeah, I’m using wb21 for the past 1 month and till now I didn’t face any problems. I came to know about WB21 via Huffingtonpost, So I decided to give it a try. I tried and to be honest, everything is working fine for me. The only thing I still didn’t get is their debit card option. In their site, they mentioned like they have debit card facility, but in control panel, I didn’t see any option like that. Otherwise, it is fine in regarding of fees and security.
Don’t take my words or any others. Just give it a try with a lower amount and I’m sure that you’ll like it.


I also opened an account in wb21. I converted bitcoin to USD twice, and sent the money to my personal bank account. the first was about $1000, and the transfer took about 1 week. the problem was with the second: $2100 which I asked them to send to the exact same bank account - and the money simply disappeared! for almost 2 months, the money is gone from my wb21 account, and there is no money credited to my other account!
Don’t trust them, it looks like a scam. customer support just told me many different lies about what happened,they even repeat the same lies and fake promises again and again…

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