Does Bisq accept Co-operate/ business account?

Does BISQ accept the Co-operate/Company and provide a specific account and increase the withdrawal and deposit amount? If yes, What is the required documents?

I found that BISQ does not ask for any KYC. Is it true? What are the deposit and withdrawal limits? How can we increase those limits

Bisq doesn’t mind if you are a business, an individual or a robot as Bisq tries to follow Bitcoin philosophy.
Basically, most payment methods require that you buy between 0.0025 and 0.01 BTC from an old signed account to start lifting your initial buying limit.
There’s no limit to sell BTC as there is no chargeback risk.

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Bisq welcomes all users.

Remember to keep the payment reference blank. I have a pet peeve about business accounts that try and add references for business services to the payment field.