Does BitSquare do ACH transfers?

Do we have ACH in BitSquare??

No national bank transfer is not supported for US because ACH is very unsafe regarding chargeback and we don’t have a way to distinguish between WIRE and ACH. WIRE is also pretty expensive. US banks sucks…

ok, what means are there to attach to US banks?

These are available and safe:
Cash/ATM deposit
US Postal Money Order

why wouldn’t you let users still have this payment option in Bitsquare, just with a warning or something? market forces / economics would fix the rest, with people being able to set higher prices to counterbalance risk / losses

taking the option away completely only seems to limit the software and amount of potential customers / users

@WhiteOutMashups, it really makes sense to limit the availability of any known vectors of abuse because any abuse of the system erodes overall trust in the system. With better options like ClearXChange/Zelle in place to make it safe and easy to transfer payments in the US, there just isn’t a good case to be made for allowing the more-commonly abused form of payment into the system.