Does editing account name reset account signing?

A peer received my SEPA but didn’t confirm yet, and is telling me that my name on bisq is not the full name from the SEPA he received (I set my name in bisq long ago in abbreviated fashion, with one word missing).
If i edit my account name to have my full name, do i lose my “account signed” status? Do I go back to having lower trading limits?

Your only options are remove ande create a new account, not edit, so you would loose the status of your account.
If it goes to moderation and the name is sufficient, you could still have your account.

It’s strange your account was signed and noone noticed a different name. Your Bisq account should have the exact name displayed on your paying method.

You could try to modify the name at your bank, so it will match on future trades.

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You could create a new payment account with the same Bank data but with your complete name (which must exactly match the bank information) and get it signed. In the meantime you could use the current one, but you will have problems if your trading peers follow the protocol (as they should).

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