Donation Funds & Base Currency


  1. Right now, I can see that you have about 340k Euros (>25BTC) sitting at your BTC donation address and it looks like they’ve been there for awhile.
    Is it possible that you do not have means of using those funds to support Bisqs?
    If you are unable, for some strange reason, to spend those funds right now, have you considered that by staking them with, for instance, PIVX, you could be gaining over 17k Euros a year on top?

  2. What would a community need to do in order to push a sustainable coin (ie. PoS coins) such as PIVX, NEO, XEM, Faircoin, EverGreenCoin and so on to become a base currency on Bisq? Would you need a petition, a payment, guaranteed turnover?

Thank You for your time!


The 25 BTC are reserved as input for the DAO genesis. See

Adding another base currency is laid out here:

But note that from the 3 other base currency one (DOGE) had zero activity and LTC and DASH has also super low activity. So why should it be more successful with any of those you mentioned?

Hello Manfred,

Thank You for the links you’ve provided me with. I’ll be looking into those right now.

Meanwhile, to answer your question, I’m an admin of a group of one of those currencies and involved in the community. I would only make you a request if we, as a community, are willing to support it. While Bitcoin and Dash already have some sort of FIAT gateway, those currencies still lack it and there’s an increasing demand for P2P crypto<>FIAT exchange. Moreover, those coins also have funds provided by the blockchain itself.

I’ll check the requirements and investigate with the community and if we have a good supporting base (people willing to come on Bisq and trade to support the numbers), I’ll be back to you guys. Otherwise, I’ll guess I’ll have to keep quiet…until I can get those numbers at least.

Thank You again.

You need a dev as well to implement it.