Donations to Bisq Wallet - Answered

I have a question regarding donations…

Is it possible to receive BTC through donation? Such as the example below:

Person A: "Hey! you should get into BTC n Block chain it’s mighty cool!"
Person B: "Oh! I’ve been looking into it, but I’m not having much success turning fiat into currencies. Do you recommend a way to ‘Buy In’?"
Person A: "I would recommend Coinbase, and since your my friend I’ll throw you some coins to help get you started! What’s your wallet address?"
Person B: "Bisq… and its this."
Person A: "Coolio you should have it shortly."
Person B: “Thanks bud”

The event of someone freely giving BTC away is unlikely, but if it did happen would we have to accept it like its a trade on the network, and pay the security deposit fee while we wait for the funds to arrive?

Thank you for your time.
Biznu Fish

You can just give someone your Bitcoin address from Bisq so they can deposit bitcoins in it, just like you would. When you deposit into your Bisq wallet you are just doing a normal Bitcoin transaction, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Bisq network.

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