Dont see "reason for payment" field in e-banking


I want to make a SEPA payment with the seller, but in my internet banking is NOT present “reason for payment” text box (field).
But, there are two another text box/field - “reference” and information for recipient".
What should I use?

Thank you for answers.

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Not sure, but I guess “reason for payment” is some kind of “information for recipient”.
And in the SEPAs I have received there is a “reference”, which is a long number, and not the name or “reason for payment”, looks like some internal book-keeping number, not sure why you have to specify it.
In conclusion my guess is “information for recipient”…

You can maybe use both if you are not sure or wait for someone more knowledgeable on the subject to reply here.

Just please NEVER use a word like “Bitcoin” or “Cryptocurrency” or anything that may get a bot all inquisitive

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That would be like saying “Payment for hardcore pornography that your partner doesn’t know about”!