Double fiat payment

Dear Bitsquare community,

I did a fiat payment for BTC but I got error in my bank verification method. An applet window pop up saying I got error while confirming a password. Thus, I did second payment immediately (I was on hurry, big mistake!!!) but now I can verify that I did double payment (two identical transactions). Do I need to wait until the trade period is over and open a dispute. Is there a standard way to deal with this type of mistake. I believe that the BTC seller is a fair guy and will do the refund but I will be very happy to hear your advises what to do and what not to do?

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Well for your sake I wouldn’t let the trade finish. Sure the guy might be fair and send you back the funds on his own, but it might be easier if the arbitrator asks him this for you.
Remember that once the trade is successfully completed, there is nothing an arbitrator can do other then ask the trader to please send you your fiat back.

I would suggest opening an dispute right away with cmd+o.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the advice! With the time we will define the right strategy to get out of this situation. Since my mistake was truly bank’s software induced, I believe it will repeat (actually I found another case in the forum but the name of the topic was very misleading). And we have to be aware that it can happen to all of us. I am not the first and I shall not be the last!

The trade is over but I have a bit of luck, I did a search with the name of the BTC seller and it seems he contributed to the bitsquare whitepaper. So, it will be a pity if he won’t do the refund!

My advice to other users is, if you see error message while you put your “SMS clave” do not hurry. Your transaction could be fine. Wait an hour or two for the bank’s software to refresh the statements and not processed orders. If you still do not see your transaction, than you can think about redoing it.


I got the refund, thank you!

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