Double withdrawal

VERY CONCERNED!!! I have made 2 withdrawals from my BISQ wallet in the last few days and both times TWICE as much as I transferred was removed from my available balance. This is not transaction fees, unless those have somehow changed to 100% (one withdrawal was for .1 BTC, my balance was .285 before, so it should have reduced to .185, but instead it reduced to .085!!! - this was transferred to another wallet of mine and it only received .1, and blockchain confirms .1 ). Has anyone else seen this and WHAT IS GOING ON?

Thank you!

Don’t worry, your bitcoins won’t just disappear :slight_smile: It might be just some sort of bug that is showing the balance wrong in the GUI, those happen sometimes.

You can try going to Settings and deleting the SPV chain file first by clicking the appropriate button.
After two restarts of the app, your Bisq client should resync with the Bitcoin network.

You could also check your transactions and addresses on an online block explorer to see the actual balance of those addresses and where the coins were sent.
You can alternatively post them here for us to check it for you, if you don’t mind your privacy.