Downloaded Bisq but Program wont start

Just downloaded & installed BISQ [Bisq-64bit-1.3.4] for the first time. When I try to open the program two windows open in quick succession and then immediately freeze and do not respond in any way. The first window is grey colored, the second window contains text and runs from top to bottom.
What to do? My PC uses Windows 10.
PS I can only free up the computer by using the Task Manager.

Hey @JSiefert,

Can you check your bisq.log file, you can find it here for windows —> C:\Users<username>\AppData\Roaming\Bisq. If you dont mind sending it to me via a DM or joining our keybase chat and sending me a DM with it through there. It may help us figure out what is happening.

Btw, do you get any error message? Any screenshots you can send me of those windows would be great!