Downloading didn't work

Hello, I downloaded and it came up on my mac as Bisq-1.3.2.dmg.asc. It asked me to open with an application. What application? Will you help me solve this? Lulu

Hi, that is a file to verify the download. You can download the .dmg file from

Yes. I did that. I hit the PGP signature tab for Mac and it showed up on my computer with a .asc and so I can’t open it. It says choose an application. What do I do next?

As @huey said a file.dmg.asc file is used to verify that the PGP signature in the file.dmg (install binary) is correct and hasn’t been tampered with. So in order to download and verify the bisq .dmg you must download do the following:

1.Download -->
2.Download -->
3.Using PGP on your mac you verify #1 using #2
4. if the signature is valid you may then run #2

If you do not trust my links - -
Refer to Verification in the above link for steps on using PGP to verify the .dmg file.

Thank you. I figured it out. Now to buy Bitcoin. May I use paypal or my debit card? I don’t see that as an option. Please advise?

P.S. Do I have to keep the .asc download on my computer?

You can delete the .asc, it’s only used to verify the signature of the .dmg.

As for buying bitcoin. The Bisq trading model protects makers and takers by using a security deposit to minimize fraud etc. Therefore, to open or take an offer you first need a small amount of bitcoin in your Bisq wallet. The minimum security deposit for a trade is 0.006 or 15%. You’ll have to obtain that btc through a different service, either a friend, hodl hodl, bitcoin ATM, etc…

Once you have enough to cover the security deposit, trading fee and mining fees, you’re ready to take your first offer and should be good to take more in the future as well.

It is a little difficult at first to get onboarded, especially if you have zero bitcoin. Don’t let that get you discouraged. If you have questions, please ask!

Thank you. Ok, so I need a little Bitcoin in my wallet. 15% of what?

I don’ t really get it. I need to buy btc from another place, correct? I have no bitcoin ATM’s near me, no friend’s to purchase from, and don’t have an account on hodl hodl (maybe I need to do that), so what is the etc. Can I purchase btc on hodl using my bank card or paypal? This is a bit confusing indeed.

That’s correct, you need a small amount of bitcoin before you can take or make offers on Bisq.

So it’s 15% of the trade amount or a minimum of 0.006 btc … So for a 0.1 btc trade your security deposit will be at min 0.015 Bitcoin.

There are many options for purchasing bitcoin but many require KYC information (know you customer) and demand unreasonable amounts of info (Id, address etc…) before allowing you to purchase. You can explore those options if you wish. The ones i provided require little to no personal info.

Check out localbitcoins, they require more info then they used to but they may be a valid option.