Downloading little annoyance

Little post to signal a little annoyance :
when downloading from my 64 bits Debian, I got :
Bisq Downloads
You appear to be running Windows 32 bit.

(My last windows died several years ago, it must be a ghost :slight_smile: )


If it’s better to signal this info to github issues, please just tell me.

I am not sure who is in charge of the site, perhaps Manfred.

But I assume website only makes this assumption based on user agent field in the headers that your browser sends. So I am not sure if this can be fixed, since your browser is probably the one that claims it is running on Windows 32-bit for some reason.

And removing this feature would be a bit inconvenient for some users.

You can type “my user agent” in your search engine to see what is your browser sending to websites.

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Thank for your useful answer.
It’s indeed my (fresh) torbrowser which claims running on windows (32 bits). Liar :slight_smile:

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