Dumb Beginner Question about Zelle and Bank of America

Greetings, I want to get started with using bisq. I downloaded the app. It seems everyone is using Zelle ClearXChange. My account is at Bank of America.

I haven’t used the Bank of America moblie app. It is my understanding that the BOA app uses Zelle. How do I set up Zelle to use in bisq?

Do I download the BOA app first? Is there a way of setting up Zelle inside the app?


I am not familiar with Zelle (ClearXChange), but I think someone mentioned earlier in some topic that on his bank’s website he just sends money to someone (I think peer to peer he called it or something) and the bank uses ClearXChange. So I think banks probably don’t generally call it ClearXChange or Zelle for their users, in order to not confuse them and just use it in the background.

Some US banks are beginning to use the Zelle branding in their payment apps and webpages. See https://promo.bankofamerica.com/zelle/ for the specifics for your bank.

One other caution - check within your BoA app or website to find out your daily, weekly, and monthly payment limits with Zelle. I’ve tried to find a statement from Zelle, and the best I can tell is each bank sets their own limits. I have a CapitalOne account, and it used to be a $2,000/day and $10,000/month limit, but then they sent me an email saying its "at their discretion. Just be sure to not commit to paying more USD for a bitcoin purchase than you can actually send payment for.

Hi @jalotta, I can confirm that setting up Zelle takes 5 minutes or less with the BoA mobile app. Assuming you have online banking setup already.

As per @jkepler’s post I’d advise checking with BoA once you re setup with regards to daily and weekly limits to avoid entering into any unnecessary trade disputes .