Duplicate transaction error, app not starting anymore


App isn’t starting anymore. Anybody an idea how to fix this?

Which Bisq version are you using ?
Which OS ?

Bisq 8.0, Linux Fedora 29
Last upgrade of Bisq/Fedora is both mre than a month ago, so no direct connection to a software change …
Travelling, have the seed not with me to load it in another instance.
When I start Bisq with another instance
– appName=Bisq2
then it starts normally, of course not with the funds of the other instance.
Is it wise to delete the double transaction out of a file (if yes what file) or would I corrupt something then?

Thank you!

Go to ~/.local/share/Bisq, there you will find all the files relevant to your Bisq installation.

Try to restore from one of the wallet backups from btc_mainnet/wallet/bisq_BTC_wallet/backup . Just replace btc_mainnet/wallet/bisq_BTC.wallet with one of those files.

Eventually you will find a backup created before the duplicate transaction was introduced into the wallet.

This worked well. Thank you for your help!

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