[EDIT] Cash app scam support numbers

I sent money to the wrong person on cash app I notified Cash Out minutes later after I realized what I’ve done there was a 800 number on the internet that I have from customer service I spoke to someone named Eaton and he was supposed to cancel it I looked into my account the next day the money was withdrawn from my account can you please help me to get my refund back

I’m sorry to hear that, but you were scammed.
These customer support numbers for Cash App has been flooding the Internet, including our forum.

I assumed that when you called that number, they asked you for your credentials to log in.
Never give your credentials to login to support. If they were a real support, they wouldn’t need them and definitely wouldn’t ask you for it.

Bisq has nothing to do with Cash App since we removed them as a payment method after we had chargeback cases, but they seem like a really bad service that has no customer support, so I guess people are desperate and come to our forum thinking we can help.

PS: I changed the title of the topic so people know what is going on. In future we will like block any off-topic posts on this forum, since Cash App users have been flooding this forum.

Is there anything I can do to get a refund

I know you are upset about your bad experience with Cash App and I feel for you, but I want to make this clear. This is a wrong place on the Internet to ask for any help with Cash App.

Bisq and this forum have nothing to do with Cash App.

Thank you for your feed back

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