"Editing of offer failed"

Dear support,

when i try to edit or remove a sell offer, bisq shows a popup with:
Editing of offer failed:
Remove of offer failed
[close button]”

Then when i click the close button, the popup says:
Editing of offer failed:
Editing of offer can’t be canceled as it is not edited.
[close button]”

Then when i press the red ‘remove order’ icon on the orderline. it says:
Remove offer failed:
Remove offer failed
[close button]”

The offer also doesn’t show up in the ‘Market’ tab list, so i can’t remove it there either.

Deactivation also isn’t possible.

Offer id: 23RXIY-6cecbfe5-d971-44e8-b631-0a63dda74a47-070

Currently i have two sell offers open. The problem is only with the first one.

There is a known bug with edit offer and that might be related, it will get fixed in upcoming release (prob. next week). So either you wait for the update or you provide more info (sending log file). I send you my email in PM.

I have this issue too, please send me your email in pm as I can’t cancel/release the funds in the offer, and would like to make a sale or have access to the btc


Issue is resolved for me.

I restarted Bisq and tried again, on the restart it seems my antivirus was messing with Bisq, again… not sure if that was related at all, after much fiddling I got it excluded and on the restart I could cancel the trade and re-list, losing the small fee…

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You are always able to use emergency wallet tool by pressing alt+e to move funds reserved for your offer. Trading fee is the only amount that leaves your wallet when an offer is created, security deposit (and trade amount for sellers) only gets locked in a multisig once the offer is taken and trade starts.

Somehow it has fixed itself after:

  • letting it run for 2 days
  • rebooting the pc

thanks for the support,