Element web UI not accessible from Tor Browser anymore

I should probably have added a question mark at the end of the title, but seeing how the results have been the same for more than a day from different instances of tor browser on the same pc, after refreshing the tor circuit N times, and also from another laptop, I guess I can safely say it without doubt, that element web ui doesn’t work from Tor Browser anymore.
What I get whenever I try to access anything below app.element.io is a white page. The page source has code, and it should also load at least a couple of javascripts, but there is no development whatsoever after that. It just will not produce any visible output.

This thread is intended to share this experience and explain why, since yesterday, I have not been able to access the matrix chats.
I could try a desktop app that supports proxy definitions, but I cannot trust a desktop app to actually stick to that proxy without trying to call home via clearnet anyway (ask me how I know).

But I just realized there are other web based clients, cinny and fluffychat, the latter will do the same as element as it just shows the fluffychat logo and doesn’t progress further, no matter which circuit I try, while cinny is working for me right now, but it doesn’t support threads, and even if I just verified with security key, it is still showing encrypted chats as “unable to decrypt”. No idea what will happen with new encrypted messages as they arrive, none have come through until now…

EDIT: been testing all non-featured web clients, and as of now schildi chat looks the best, almost a 1:1 replacement for element ui except that it works, and it almost seems to do it faster at that