Enter percent fee when buying other crypto

Hello, I would like to sell BTC for USDT. I found a bit weird way how to do it, I have to look for “Buy USDT with BTC”, not “Sell BTC with USDT”, which seems a bit unlogical to me.

In offer, I also cannot state price for BTC is USDT, which would be like 30,395.97, but I have to use reversed value, 0.00003289909 BTC per USDT.

However, there is worse problem. I am unable to set floating price based on current rate as it is in fiat trades, by percent. I have to use fixed price, which is not possible, because fixed price changes a lot.

Any solution to that please?

This is indeed one fixed feature at Bisq, you could add a request for a change on bisq github repository