Error - Deposit Funds Taken


I was recently attempting to making a transaction to buy $20 USD worth of BTC and got a notification of an error which you can find in an attached picture on this post (sorry about the blue line drawn).

Aside from that, I attempted at making an offer for BTC two different times and the same error message popped up each time. The deposit amount that I had is no longer in my “funds” section and appears that I don’t own it anymore, which sucks.

I love the concept of Bisq, but am now hesitant on using it as a result of this situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there, seems as though your connection may have been unstable when broadcasting the transaction and it failed. If you lost any fees due to this you may submit a request for fee reimbursement here -

Your wallet may also be out of sync, which is why you do not see your funds. Your first step should be to do an SPV re-sync - Follow that walk through and let me know if this helps!